A regulation is implemented in which reading is subject to a license. Ali waits in line to get his. Soon he finds himself stuck with a license that allows him to access only a certain type of books. Ali will not easily give up. Under the gaze of men in uniform, he will try every possible way to get the books he wants.

• 22.International Adana Golden Boll Film Festival, Competition
• 27. İstanbul Short Film Festival

Licence / Ruhsat (2015, 13 dk.)
Director: İpek Kent
Writer: İpek Kent
Production company: Yedi Film
Cinematographer:Meryem Yavuz
Art Directors: Tolga Coşkuntuna, Nihan Aydın
Editor: Elif Yalçıner
Sound: Sertaç Selvi
Cast: Onur Özaydın, Cüneyt Uzunlar, Sezin Bozacı, Ozan Özcan