A seven-year old child trying to raise herself in an isolated yet unprotected world. Derin, to whom the concept of family is unfamiliar, is living a life in which it is impossible to be just a child. With the loss of her mother, Derin and Tarık starts a new life. A loving child and a careless father’s journey with a rapist in the background; in this journey Derin’s share was to bring a father back to life who had given up on everything. With purely instinctive, unlearned emotions her ties towards her father would strengten. She would try to substitute her mother and maybe succeed.

• 49. Antalya International Golden Orange Film Festival (Competition)
• 2013 East End Film Festival – UK (Best Feature Competition)
• Buffalo International Film Festival (International Competition)

When Derin Falls / Derin Düşünce (2012, 88 dk.)
Director: M. Çağatay Tosun
Writer: M. Çağatay Tosun
Production company: Yedi Film
Cinematographeri: Hakan Okumuş
Art Director: Oya Köseoğlu
Editor: Onur Uysal
Sound: Ali Ekber Doğan
Re-recording mixerı: Nurkut Özdemir
Sound Design: Özdemir Dereli
Music: Cenk Erdoğan
Cast: Yaren Aynuz, Hakan Gerçek, Berrak Kuş, Mehmet Birkiye, Çağrı Şensoy, Altan Gördüm